Support Policy

   After the product's registration, we will provide all our customers with unlimited technical support free of charge.

   Unregistered users will also be supported during their trial period. Just bear in mind that registered users take precedence over unregistered ones.

   Technical support offered on our product is intended for problem resolution only. We do not provide complete system walk-thru service to teach you every software feature step by step. For learning the system step by step, please consult with our user manual.

   We are constantly researching new technologies and ways to improve our product. Such enhancements, when released, are posted to all our registered users as software updates at no extra cost.

   Technical support is provided in English. On request, we can also support Spanish-speaking customers.

   While we organize and train our live operators to take national and international calls with technical questions, all customer support will only be provided via e-mail.

   So, for technical assistance please contact us at

   We use real people to take your messages and have technicians on staff 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (you can usually expect a response within 2 hours for most questions)

About our Company...

Quality Software Systems began in October 1996. We are a software development company specializing in restaurant and retail point of sale software. All of our restaurant software and retail software products are developed, maintained, and supported in-house by our own highly skilled and dedicated staff. Our software is built on the most powerful and advanced technology for software applications.

Multi POS for Restaurant software has installations worldwide. We have installations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Singapore, Thailand, and many other countries. To see a small sample list of our customers, please
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